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Gaute Briseid Brunovskis


I have been DJ’ing since 1997. Here are some Clubs and lounges I’ve been playing at:

Cafe Sør (Oslo)
Kjøkken & Bar (Oslo)
Dattera Til Hagen (Oslo)

Consenzo (Oslo)
Yatzi (Oslo)
gatsby (OSLO)

Jacob Aall Brasserie (Oslo+Fredrikstad)
Nikkers (Lillehammer)
Argus Bar (Kongsberg)

Tango (Stavanger)
Helt Rått (Stavanger)
23-25 (Stavanger)

Gossip (Stavanger)
Folken (Stavanger)

NB Sørensen (Stavanger)
Javel Nattklubb (Stavanger)
Chili nattklubb (Sandnes)

Astra Bar (Ios, Greece)

Samson (Haugesund)
Krashna (Haugesund)
Maritim hotell (Haugesund)

NB Sørensen (Haugesund)
Samson (Stord)

Downtown (Trondheim)
Brukbar (Trondheim)
Bajazzo (Trondheim)

Vista (Trondheim)
RIO (Trondheim)
After Dark (Trondheim)

Studentersamfundet (Trondheim)
(Storsalen, Bodegaen, Strossa)

Baroniet (Steinkjær)
Freud (Verdal)
Rissa hotell (Rissa)

Rørvik hotell (Rørvik)
Garasjen (Sunndalsøra)

Yale University (New Haven, USA)
Ølen gjestegård (Ølen)
Fitjar Fjordhotell (Stord)

Thanks for visiting my web page!

I started DJíng in 1997. I´m play different genres from funky electronic house/dance/edm to more lounge-bar style funk, r&b, soul, reaggae, electronica and so on. I´m used to vinyl setups and all sorts of setups. Most of my gigs are done using my Pioneer Serato DJ controller setup.

The genres of music that I play depends on the venue/club/bar/lounge that I´m playing at. Some places are commercial nightclubs with big dancefloors and lighting setups (some commercial  partybar style and some more underground clubby style). Other places are more like funky lounges, bars or cafes where I try to maintain the style of music that they are usually playing there and what kind of people are there that particular night. I find that the music that usually works well tends to be somewhere between funky electronic house/club/dance which is quite common for a lot of places, and then again there are places like Cafe Sør and Dattera Til Hagen 1st floor, and so on, that works well with funk, soul, r&b, reggae and electronica. Personally I like the variation between all the genres as long as the genre works with the venue I´m playing at.